LG 55" inch NanoCell 4K Active HDR Smart TV 55NANO796

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  • Warranty: 12 Months Warranty
  • Display: 55-inch Tv
  • NanoCell Technology
  • Real 4K NanoCell for Pure color with Nano Color, Nano Accuracy
  • α5 Gen5 AI Processor 4k with AI 4K upscaling
  • ThinQ AI webOS Smart TV with NFC Magic Remote
  • True Cinema Experience supported with Active HDR, Film Maker Mode, AI Sound
  • Unlimited Gameplay with HGiG, ALLM, HDMI 2.0 Earc


LG 55-inch Smart TV-55NANO796 is a cutting-edge television that utilizes NanoCell Technology to deliver a stunning visual experience. This advanced technology is designed to enhance color accuracy, brightness, and contrast

NanoCell Technology

NanoCell Technology is the heart of the 55NANO796’s impressive visual performance. It uses tiny nanoparticles to filter light, resulting in pure colors and precise details. Furthermore, the NanoColor feature further refines the color accuracy, ensuring that the images on the screen are as close to the source as possible.

α5 Gen5 AI Processor

The advanced capabilities of the LG 55-inch Smart TV-55NANO796 are powered by the α5 Gen5 AI Processor. Furthermore, the optimized picture and sound quality of this processor allows for seamless performance and effective near-4K content upscaling.

4K Upscaling

With its 4K upscaling feature, the LG 55NANO796 can elevate non-4K content to near-4K quality. Furthermore, this enhancement ensures that even lower-resolution content appears sharper and more detailed on the high-definition display.

ThinQ AI Integration

The integration of ThinQ AI further enhances this TV's smart functionality. In brief, ThinQ AI enables users to obtain information, manage compatible smart home appliances, and take advantage of tailored recommendations based on their viewing preferences.

NFC Magic Remote

The NFC Magic Remote allows users to connect their smartphones to the TV simply by tapping the remote on the phone’s NFC sensor. In addition, this makes it easier for one to share content and be able to control the TV.

Active HDR & Film Maker Mode

The 50NANO796 delivers a true cinema experience with Active HDR, which optimizes the brightness, contrast, and color for every scene. Lastly, film Maker Mode ensures that the content is displayed as the director intended, with accurate color and contrast levels.

AI Sound

The TV's audio output is improved with the addition of AI Sound technology. In brief, through the use of artificial intelligence, this feature provides a more balanced and immersive sound experience by analyzing and optimizing audio content in real time.

Gameplay with HGiG, ALLM, and HDMI 2.0 eARC

The 55NANO796 is designed for gamers, with features like HGiG (HDR Gaming Interest Group) ensuring that games are displayed with accurate colors and contrast. Secondly, ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) reduces input lag, providing a smoother gaming experience.

In conclusion, HDMI 2.0 eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) allows users to connect their gaming consoles and other audio devices, delivering high-quality audio directly to their sound system.