Haier 4G+2E 60 x 90 Standing Cooker with Oven with Rotisserie HCR6042DES

Haier 4G+2E 60 x 90 Standing Cooker with Oven with Rotisserie HCR6042DES

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  • Warranty: 12 Months Warranty
  • Auto ignition.
  • Cylinder Storage.
  • Warming Drawer Compartment
  • Built-In Timer – Easy to Interpret
  • Rotisserie
  • Thermo-Control
  • Separate Oven


Haier 4G+2E Standing Cooker-HCR6042DES is a versatile cooking appliance that offers both gas and electric cooking options, a spacious oven, and several convenient features.

Gas Burners

Haier 4G+2E Standing Cooker-HCR6042DES cooker features four gas burners for stovetop cooking. Whats more, gas burners are known for their precise temperature control and quick heating.

Electric Elements

Haier-HCR6042DES also includes two electric elements. Furthermore, in case your gas runs out the electric plates are here to offer you flexibility and you can use the plates to cook your meal.

Auto Ignition

The auto-ignition feature allows you to easily and safely ignite the gas burners without the need for external ignition sources like matches or lighters.

Cylinder Storage

The Haier 4G+2E Standing Cooker-HCR6042DES includes a storage compartment for gas cylinders. Furthermore, it helps keep your kitchen organized and ensuring easy access to your gas supply.

Warming Drawer Compartment

A warming drawer is a convenient feature for keeping cooked dishes warm until you're ready to serve them.

Built-In Timer

The built-in timer is easy to set and interpret, allowing you to time your cooking and baking accurately. Furthermore, this ensures that nothing is overcooked or undercooked and all are at perfect cooking.


The inclusion of a rotisserie allows you to roast meat or poultry to perfection. Furthermore, it ensures that you can create juicy and flavorful dishes that will make you the talk of gatherings.


Haier 4G+2E Standing Cooker-HCR6042EDS comes with an amazing feature that is here to assist your baking and roasting called the thermo-control. In brief, the Thermo-control ensures that the oven maintains a consistent and accurate temperature for precise baking and roasting.

Separate Oven

The cooker includes a separate oven, which is useful for baking and roasting. What's more, having a separate oven allows you to cook multiple dishes at different temperatures simultaneously.