Haier 10KG Front Loader Washing Machine HW100-B14979S

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  • Warranty: 12 Months Warranty
  • 10KG Front Loader
  • Dual Spray
  • 14 programs
  • Smart Dosing
  • Inverter Motor
  • Super Drum
  • Steam Function
  • Energy class: A
  • Engine Direct Motion
  • Anti-Bacterial Technology
  • Spin-drying efficiency class: B
  • Noise level spinning (dB) (A): 69
  • Water consumption: 51L
  • Start delay options: Yes (up to 24h)
  • Product Dimension: 850*590*530mm (HWD)


Haier 10KG Washing Machine-HW100-B14979S is a modern and feature-rich washing machine designed to provide efficient and convenient laundry solutions. Buy Haier 10KG Washing Machine-HW100-B14979S at fyndit at the best price in Kenya.

Dual Spray

Haier 10KG Washing Machine-HW100-B14979S comes with a dual spray feature that ensures that water is spread evenly throughout the laundry load. Furthermore, this makes sure that detergent is evenly distributed and you can be assured that your clothes are thoroughly washed.

Drum Light

The main purpose of the Drum light is to make sure that you can see whatever is happening in your washer. What's more, when it comes to loading or unloading laundry it is helpful even in low light conditions.

Smart Dosing

The perk that comes with smart dosing is that based on your load size or fabric type it can dispense the

amount of detergent. Furthermore, this makes sure that your detergent is optimized and gives you amazing washing results.

iTime Feature

The itime feature may offer customizable washing time options. Furthermore, it allows you to adjust the duration of the wash cycle to suit your specific needs.

Inverter Motor

What is amazing about the inverter motor is that your washing machine won't consume much energy.

Steam Diffusion

HWD80-B14939S8 has a steam diffusion feature that is good when it comes to the removal of wrinkles on your clothes therefore giving your clothes a fresh look.

Direct Drive Motor

A direct drive motor is a type of motor directly connected to the drum, reducing mechanical parts and minimizing energy loss. Furthermore, this design can result in a quieter and more efficient operation.

Anti-Bacterial Treatment

It involves a feature or drum treatment that helps eliminate or inhibit the growth of bacteria and odors inside the washing machine.

Automatic Cleaning System

Haier Front Load 8KG W/M-HWD80-B14939S8 has a self-cleaning cycle that helps prevent the buildup of dirt and residue, keeping the interior clean and fresh.

Maximum Spin Speed (RPM)

The Haier 10KG Washing Machine-HW100-B14979S has a maximum spin speed of 1400 revolutions per minute (RPM). What's more, a higher spin speed can help remove more water from clothes, reducing drying time.