Mika 7Kg Air Vented Front Dryer Washing Machine MDRA1107S

Mika 7Kg Air Vented Front Dryer Washing Machine MDRA1107S

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  • Warranty: 12 Months Warranty
  • Brushless Inverter Motor
  • Heat Pump Technology – Most gentle on clothes
  • Drum remains at high temperature after cycle for sterilization
  • Cheapest to run – save up to 50% of energy
  • Easy installation – Plug & Play
  • No vent pipe – install anywhere
  • Eco Friendly, no humidity is let out
  • 16 Programs
  • Rated power 2000W
  • Self Diagnosis
  • Water Tank Indicator
  • Drum interior light
  • End of Cycle Buzzer
  • Delay Function
  • Child Lock


MIKA 7Kg Front Dryer MDRA1107S is a front-loading dryer with a capacity of 7 kilograms. It is designed to efficiently dry clothes and other fabrics, making it a convenient appliance for households.

Brushless Inverter Motor

This type of motor is known for its energy efficiency and durability. In addition, it provides a quieter operation compared to traditional motors.

Heat Pump Technology

This technology is designed to be gentle on clothes by using lower drying temperatures. What's more, this can help prevent damage to delicate fabrics hence ensuring your clothes are protected.

High-Temperature Drum

The drum remaining at a high temperature after the cycle can aid in sterilizing the clothes. What's more, this ensures that the clothes are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Energy Efficiency & Installation

The dryer is touted as being cost-effective to run, potentially saving up to 50% on energy costs compared to conventional dryers. What's more, the plug-and-play feature simplifies the setup process, allowing for convenient installation without the need for complex procedures.

Vent Pipe-Free Design & Eco-Friendly Operation

With no vent pipe required, this MIKA 7Kg Front Dryer MDRA1107S offers flexibility in placement, as it can be installed in various locations within a home. Additionally, by not releasing humidity into the air, this dryer helps maintain a more environmentally friendly drying process.

Program Options & Rated Power

The dryer offers 16 different programs to cater to various fabric types and drying needs. Moreover, the dryer has a rated power of 2000W, indicating its capacity for efficient drying performance.

Self-Diagnosis Feature

This function allows the dryer to detect and troubleshoot issues on its own. Furthermore, it does potentially enhance user convenience and maintenance.

Water Tank Indicator & Drum Interior Light

The water tank indicator feature alerts users when the water tank needs to be emptied, ensuring optimal performance. What's more, Illuminating the drum interior makes loading and unloading laundry easier, especially in low-light conditions.

End of Cycle Buzzer

MIKA 7Kg Front Dryer MDRA1107S comes with an audible signal that notifies users when the drying cycle is complete. Furthermore, this helps prevent wrinkles by promptly removing clothes from the dryer.

Delay Function & Child Lock

The delay Function feature enables users to set a delay for the start of the drying cycle, allowing for more flexibility in managing laundry tasks. Additionally, the child lock safety feature prevents unauthorized access to the dryer controls, particularly important in households with young children.