Mika 170L Direct Cool Single Door Fridge MRDCS170LSL

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  • Warranty: 12 Months Warranty
  • 170 Litres
  • Single door
  • VC Filter – Germ Buster
  • Toughened Glass Shelves – For Durability
  • Energy Saving
  • Cool Pack-Maintains cold during power cuts
  • Egg and ice tray provided
  • Large vegetable box
  • Lock & Key
  • CFC Free
  • High voltage tolerance compressor 170v-260v
  • Line Silver Dark


Mika 170L Refrigerator-MRDCS170LSL is a refrigerator with various features for efficient food storage and cooling . Buy Mika 170L Refrigerator-MRDCS170LSL170L at Fyndit at the best price in Kenya.

Capacity: 170 Liters

This Mika Refrigerator has a storage capacity of 170 liters so it's safe to say it is okay. What's more, it provides adequate space when it comes to storing foods and beverages for your usage.

Toughened Glass Shelves – For Durability

MRDCS170LSL170L features toughened glass shelves. What's more, does it not offer durability and support for heavier food items and containers?

Single Door

There is a double door and a single door and the Mika 170L Refrigerator-MRDCS170LSL170L is a single door. In brief, with a single door opening once means you can be able to access the freezer and fridge compartment.

High Voltage Tolerance

The Refrigerator has a wide voltage tolerance range from 170V to 260V. Furthermore, this refrigerator can operate reliably even in areas with fluctuating electrical supply.

Twist Ice Tray

The included twist ice tray allows for easy ice cube production. Furthermore, one gets to have juice or water that is chilled at the snap of a finger.

Egg Tray

The Mika Refrigerator comes with an egg tray meaning you can hold off in purchasing one. In this situation, the egg tray is a good accessory for storing eggs in the refrigerator in an organized way.

CFC Free - Ozone Friendly

Mika 170L Refrigerator-MRDCS170LSL170L is free from chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Furthermore, this makes it more environmentally friendly by not contributing to ozone layer depletion.

Lock & Key

The lock and key feature allows you to secure the contents of the refrigerator. What more, in this economy, one wants to save as much as one wants,s and to reduce wastage it is best to put that lock and key in use.

Large Vegetable Box

Refrigerator- MRDCS170LSL170L features a large vegetable box. Furthermore, this offers ample space for storing fruits and vegetables.

VC Filter – Germ Buster

The VC (Vitamin-C) filter helps keep the interior of the refrigerator clean and free of germs. Furthermore, nothing is a turn-off like a fridge that has odor or germs that give you sickness here and there.