Mika 3G+1E Standing Cooker with Electric Oven with Rotisserie MST60PU31SLEM/MST60PI31SL/EM

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  • Warranty: 12 Months Warranty
  • 3-euro pool gas burners+ 1 hot plate
  • Matt finish enamel pan support - additional stability, prevents pan slipping and accidental burns
  • Heavy-duty matt finish burner caps
  • Electric oven
  • Mechanical timer
  • Oven lamp
  • Metal lid
  • Matt black top hob


Mika 3G+1E Standing Cooker-MST60PU31SLEM(MST60PI31SL/EM) is a versatile and efficient kitchen appliance that combines gas and electric cooking options. It offers safety features, a variety of cooking functions, and additional accessories for enhanced usability in the kitchen.


The cooker has compact dimensions of 58cm in width and 58cm in depth, making it suitable for kitchens with limited space. Furthermore, you get to know where to position your cooker at the end of the day saving your space.


Mika 3G+1E Standing Cooker-MST60PU31SLEM(MST60PI31SL/EM) features a push-button auto-ignition system for easy and safe lighting of the gas burners.


It includes 3 gas burners and 1 electric rapid hot plate. What's more, it provides a range of cooking options to accommodate various dishes that one needs to prepare.

Electric Oven and Grill

The appliance is equipped with an electric oven and grill, offering 0+4 functions for different cooking and baking tasks. The cakes, breads, chickens, scones etc

High-Density Insulation

The special high-density insulation in the oven is designed to facilitate faster and more efficient baking. Furthermore, it saves time for one and makes sure that at the end of the day, your meal cooks well.

Mechanical Timer

Mika 3G+1E Standing Cooker-MST60PU31SLEM(MST60PI31SL/EM) comes with a timer to allow you to set cooking times to help manage your cooking tasks effectively. Furthermore, it ensures that at the end of the day, your meal is not overcooked or undercooked but just the perfect setting.

Oven Lamp

An oven lamp is included to illuminate the interior of the oven, allowing you to monitor the cooking progress. What's more, it makes sure that you do not interrupt whatever is happening in your oven by having to keep opening the oven to check your meal.

Turnspit (Chicken Rotisserie)

A turnspit is provided for rotisserie cooking, allowing you to roast poultry and meats evenly. In brief, your meats and how you want to prepare them the Cooker is here to make sure that you get to have it that way.

Unbreakable Glass Top Lid

Mika-MST60PU31SLEM(MST60PI31SL/EM) features a special unbreakable glass top lid. What's more, it provides a clear view of the cooking area and adds a layer of protection.


The appliance comes with a round oven tray, a baking tray, and a wire shelf (grid) to enhance its utility.