Mika 4g+1e Standing Cooker MST90PU41HI/FOW

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  • Warranty: 12 Months Warranty
  • Width 60cm x Depth 60cm
  • 4 gas burners with 1×4.2kW Dual WOK by Sabaf & 1x2000Watts Electric Rapid Hot plate
  • Electric oven and grill as 0+10 function
  • Flame Failure Safety
  • Hot Air Convection fan
  • Wide Cast Iron Pan Support
  • Tripple Oven glass door with 1 Low-E Glass – Conserve Energy
  • One Hand Integrated Auto-ignition
  • Mechanical timer
  • Rottiserrie
  • Double Oven glass door
  • 2 Free Round oven tray
  • 2 Chrome Coated Wire Grids
  • 1 Deep Oven Tray
  • Oven lamp
  • Flap-type drawer – serves as a dish warmer and storage.


Mika 4+1 Cooker-MST90PU41HI/FOW with flame failure safety" is a kitchen appliance that combines a cooktop with both gas burners and an electric hot plate, as well as an electric oven and grill. Buy Mika 4+1 Cooker-MST90PU41HI/FOW at Fyndit at the best price in Kenya.

4 Gas Burners

The amazing thing about this cooker is that it comes with 4 gas burners to facilitate your cooking. Furthermore, you get to save a lot of time rather than cooking one dish you can prepare several at the same time.

1×4.2kW Dual WOK by Sabaf

What this is a powerful dual WOK Burner that is here to make it easy for you. In addition, it is suitable for high-heat cooking and stir-frying.

1x2000Watts Electric Rapid Hot Plate

In addition to the gas burners, there is an electric hot plate for versatile cooking options. Furthermore, in case you run out of gas at those weird hours you can still finish your cooking with electricity considering the electric plate.

Electric Oven and Grill

The Mika 4+1 Cooker-MST90PU41HI/FOW features an Electric Oven and Grill with 0+10 Function. In addition, the Electric oven also serves as a grill with 10 different cooking functions, providing versatility for various cooking tasks.

Flame Failure Safety

Prevention is better than cure and we are here to prevent any accidents we can avoid. In brief, the safety feature ensures that the gas supply is cut off if the flame is extinguished, thus preventing gas leaks.

Hot Air Convection Fan

This feature is here to just give one the best there is. For consistent baking and cooking outcomes, the convection fan helps transfer hot air inside the oven in an even fashion.

Wide Cast Iron Pan Support

Stability and durability for your cookware are what this amazing inclusion of a feature is here to offer you. In addition, if you can save money by replacing a feature that is the best option to go with.

One-hand integrated Auto-Ignition

Worry no more when one of your hands is busy because this feature has simplified everything by making the process of lighting the gas burner easier with just one hand.

Mechanical Timer

The mechanical timer helps you set cooking times for your dishes. Furthermore, this ensures your meals don’t get undercooked, overcooked, or in some cases they get burnt.

Double Glass Oven Door

Mika 4+1 Cooker-MST90PU41HI/FOW oven has a double glass door which is advantageous. Furthermore, it helps with heat retention and safety by reducing the outer surface temperature.

Oven Lamp

The oven is equipped with an oven lamp that provides interior lighting for better visibility while cooking. What's more, you do not need to keep opening the oven to check the progress of your meal