Mika 9Kg Semi Automatic Twin Tub Washing Machine MWSTT2209

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  • Warranty: 12 Months Warranty
  • Air Dry for Cleaner, Dryer, Odour Free Laundry
  • Wash Input: 400W
  • Spin dry input: 160W
  • Voltage: AC 230-240V/50Hz
  • Wash Capacity: 9Kg
  • Semi-Automatic, Twin tub
  • Water Inlet Selection Switch
  • Ying Yang Wash
  • 15 minutes Wash Time
  • 5 minutes Spin Time
  • 2 Wash Program Selection
  • Surging Wave Pulsator
  • Spin Dry Shower
  • Inlet Filter
  • Rat-Proof Base
  • Rust Proof Body
  • IP rating: IPX4


Mika 9Kg Twin Tub Washing Machine MWSTT2209  is a semi-automatic washing machine that offers various features to ensure cleaner, dryer, and odor-free laundry. With a wash capacity of 9Kg, this washing machine is suitable for households with medium to large laundry loads.


This washing machine requires some manual intervention during the washing process. Furthermore, it is a middle ground between fully automatic and manual washing machines

Twin Tub

The dual tub design of the Mika 9 kg dual Tub Washing Machine is one of its standout characteristics. Secondly, users can wash and spin dry their laundry at the same time because to this design's separate washing and spinning sections. Lastly, convenience is further enhanced by the twin tub design, which removes the need to move clothing between compartments.

15 minutes Wash Time

The washing machine offers two wash program selections, providing flexibility in choosing the appropriate wash cycle for different types of fabrics and levels of dirtiness. The wash time is set at 15 minutes, while the spin time is set at 5 minutes. These preset durations ensure efficient cleaning and spinning processes.

Surging Wave Pulsator

The Mika 9Kg Twin Tub Washing Machine MWSTT2209 has a surging wave pulsator to improve washing performance. Strong water currents produced by this pulsator in the tub efficiently remove dirt and stains from clothing. A spin dry shower is another feature of the machine that aids in removing extra water from garments while they spin.

Spin Air Dry Function

After washing, the machine's spin cycle helps to remove excess water from the clothes. Furthermore, it makes sure that your clothes tend to dry faster than others since the water has been removed.

Water Inlet Selection Switch

For ease of use, the washing machine is equipped with a water inlet selection switch. This switch allows users to choose between hot and cold water inlets based on their preference or laundry requirements. The inclusion of an inlet filter further ensures that clean water is used for washing.

Rat-Proof Base

The Mika 9Kg Twin Tub Washing Machine MWSTT2209 has a rust-proof body and a rat-proof base for added durability. These characteristics guard against corrosion and rat damage to the machine, respectively. The washing machine's lifespan is increased by the combination of these elements.