Sokany Hand blender 4-in-1 WK-1710-4

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  • Warranty: 12 Months Warranty
  • Capacity: 10 liters or less
  • Rated voltage: 220-240 (V)
  • Rated frequency: 50/60 (HZ)
  • Rated power: 500 (W)
  • Material: ABS + Stainless Steel
  • Plug-in specification: European standard
  • Multi-functional cooking tool, 4 in 1 combo
  • Two-speed choices for different scenarios
  • Petal-shaped cutter heads to prevent spatter
  • Separable parts for easy cleaning
  • Food grade material, 304 stainless steel cutter head, sanitized and safe
  • Intelligent soft start
  • 500W copper core motor
  • Low noise and long endurance
  • One-button start
  • Easy control by one hand only



Sokany Hand Blender 4in1 WK-1710-4 is a versatile kitchen appliance designed to make cooking more efficient and enjoyable. With a capacity of 10 liters or less, this blender is suitable for a variety of tasks, from blending to whisking and chopping.

Multi-functional Cooking Tool

The Sokany Hand Blender 4in1 WK-1710-4 is a multi-functional cooking tool that offers four different functions: blending, whisking, chopping, and beating. What's more, these functions make it an indispensable tool for any kitchen, as it can handle various cooking tasks with ease.

Two Speed Choices

The Sokany Hand blender 4in1 WK-1710-4 offers two-speed choices, allowing users to choose the appropriate speed for their specific task. Furthermore, this feature ensures that the appliance can be used efficiently and effectively in different scenarios.

Petal-shaped Cutter Heads

The petal-shaped cutter heads on the Sokany Hand blender 4in1 WK-1710-4 are designed to prevent spatter, ensuring a clean and mess-free cooking experience. What's more, this feature is particularly useful when chopping or beating ingredients, as it minimizes the risk of spills and messes.

Separable Parts for Easy Cleaning

The separable parts of the Sokany Hand blender 4in1 WK-1710-4 make it easy to clean after use. Additionally, this feature saves time and effort, ensuring that the appliance remains in top working condition.

Food Grade Material

The Sokany Hand blender 4in1 WK-1710-4 is made from food-grade material, specifically, 304 stainless steel cutter heads that are sanitized and safe for use with food. Furthermore, this ensures that the appliance is safe and suitable for cooking with a wide range of ingredients.

Intelligent Soft Start

The intelligent soft start feature on the Sokany Hand blender 4in1 WK-1710-4 prevents sudden starts, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring a smoother, more controlled operation.

Low Noise and Long Endurance

The Sokany Hand blender 4in1 WK-1710-4 is designed for low-noise operation, making it suitable for use in any environment. Additionally, the long endurance of the appliance ensures that it remains reliable and efficient over time.

One-button Start

The Sokany Hand blender 4in1 WK-1710-4 features a one-button start, allowing users to easily control the appliance with just one hand. This feature makes it convenient and user-friendly.