Synix Digital Sound Bar SYN-SB580

Synix Digital Sound Bar SYN-SB580

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  • Warranty: 12 Months Warranty
  • Powerful Bass
  • Equalizer Tone Adjustment
  • USB/SD Card
  • Bluetooth
  • Remote
  • Wall Mount/Desktop Mode
  • H-ARC
  • Optical


SYINIX Sound Bar SYN-SB580 offers powerful bass, equalizer tone adjustment, USB/SD card support, Bluetooth connectivity, a remote control, wall mount/desktop mode options, H-ARC functionality, and optical input.

Powerful Bass

The SYINIX Sound Bar SYN-SB580 is equipped with powerful bass capabilities, enhancing the overall audio experience by delivering deep and impactful low frequencies.

Equalizer Tone Adjustment

Users can customize the sound output according to their preferences with the equalizer tone adjustment feature. What's more, it allows for a personalized listening experience.

USB/SD Card & Bluetooth

The soundbar supports connectivity via USB and SD card, enabling users to easily play music or other audio files directly from external storage devices. What's more, with Bluetooth connectivity, users can wirelessly stream audio from their smartphones, tablets, or other compatible devices to the soundbar.

Remote & Wall Mount/Desktop Mode

The included remote control provides convenient access to various functions of the soundbar, allowing users to adjust settings, change tracks, and control volume from a distance. Additionally, the SYINIX Sound Bar SYN-SB580 offers flexibility in installation with options for wall mounting or desktop placement, catering to different setup preferences and room configurations.

H-ARC (HDMI Audio Return Channel)

This feature allows for two-way communication between the soundbar and a compatible TV through a single HDMI connection, simplifying setup and enhancing audio playback.


The optical input on the soundbar enables digital audio transmission from compatible devices such as TVs, gaming consoles, or media players, ensuring high-quality sound reproduction.