VON Electric Cooling Water Dispenser (White) VADL2211W

VON Electric Cooling Water Dispenser (White) VADL2211W

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  • Warranty: 12 Months Warranty
  • 3 Hygienic taps
  • Indicator light
  • Fresh Storage Cabinet
  • 500W Heating power
  • Hot water temp ≥90°C
  • Hot water capacity 5L/Hr
  • Cold water temp upto 10°C
  • Cold water capacity 2L/h
  • Stainless steel welded tank
  • Dimensions(mm): 330 x 320 x 950


VON VADL2211W Electric Cooling Water Dispenser (White) is a white, free-standing appliance that features two taps - one for hot water and one for normal water.

VON Water Dispenser Water Temperature Options

Hot Water

The dispenser has a heating power of 500 watts (500W) and can provide hot water with a temperature exceeding 90 degrees Celsius.  Moreover, this is suitable for making hot beverages like tea and coffee or for other hot water needs.

Normal Water

Normal or room temperature water is readily available for drinking or cooking. In addition, when you want water to mix juice that is conc with, it works best in such a scenario.

Cold Water

It can provide cold water with a capacity of 2 liters per hour (2L/H), and the cold-water temperature can reach up to 10 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, it is suitable for refreshing drinks and quick cooling.

Top-Loading Style

The top-loading design of the Von makes it easy to refill the water tank without any hassle. Furthermore, this feature allows users to fill the tank from any source of water, such as a sink or a water cooler, without the need for any additional attachments or accessories.

Stainless Steel Welded Tank

The use of a stainless-steel hot water tank increases the hot water dispenser's corrosion resistance and durability. Furthermore, because of its strength and resistance to high temperatures, stainless steel is a great material to use for containing hot water in appliances.

Hygienic Taps

Two hygienic taps—one for hot water and the other for room temperature water—are installed in the dispenser. These taps are made to keep water safe to drink by upholding hygienic standards throughout the dispensing process.

Easy to Use and Install

The user-friendly design of the VON VADL2211W Electric Cooling makes it easy for anyone to operate the dispenser. The installation process is also straightforward, with clear instructions provided in the user manual. Furthermore, this ensures that users can have the dispenser up and running in no time.

Child Lock

The child lock feature adds a layer of safety, preventing accidental hot water dispensing. Furthermore, this is especially important in households with young children.

Storage Cabinet

Thanks to the dispenser's storage cabinet, users can conveniently store cups, mugs, and other related items. This feature, which offers a specific area for arranging drinking glasses and accessories, increases the appliance's overall usefulness.