Von 20L Solo Microwave Oven VAMS-20DGX

Von 20L Solo Microwave Oven VAMS-20DGX

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  • Warranty: 12 Months Warranty
  • Capacity: 20L
  • Digital control
  • Touch control panel
  • Memory cooking (a combination of different programs)
  • Multi-stage cooking
  • 6 auto-cook menus
  • 700W
  • H: 243, W: 446, D: 360


Von Microwave Oven Solo 20L-VAMS-20DGX is a microwave oven with various features designed to make cooking and heating food convenient. Buy Von Microwave Oven Solo 20L-VAMS-20DGX from FYNDIT at the best price in Kenya.

Von Microwave Oven Capacity

VAMS-20DGX microwave has a 20-liter capacity which is huge. What's more, this is suitable for heating or cooking a variety of dishes and food items.

Power Output

The microwave has a power output of 700 watts (700W) which is the best that there is. Furthermore, this determines how quickly it can heat or cook food which is the shortest time possible.

Compact Size

20L-VAMS-20DGX comes with a dimension of approximately H: 243mm, W: 446mm, D: 360mm. Furthermore, it is a compact appliance that can fit easily on most kitchen countertops.

Von Microwave Oven Digital Control

The digital control panel allows you to set cooking times and power levels with precision. Moreover, whatever it is that you are warming or cooking you can set the timer and go about your business without any issue whatsoever.

Touch Control Panel

It offers a modern and user-friendly interface for programming the microwave. Furthermore, when we say user-friendly it means that you do not have to rack your brain excessively since it is here to give you the best.

Von Microwave Oven Memory Cooking

This feature allows you to save and recall specific cooking programs, making it convenient for frequently prepared dishes.

Multi-Stage Cooking

Multi-stage cooking enables you to set different power levels and cooking times in a sequence. In addition, it comes in very handy for recipes that require various cooking stages.

6 Auto-Cook Menus

The microwave comes with 6 pre-programmed auto-cook menus, which simplify the cooking process for specific dishes or food types.


Von 20L-VAMS-20DGX is designed for simple and efficient heating and cooking tasks. Secondly, the combination of digital controls, touch panel operation, memory cooking, and auto-cook menus makes it user-friendly for a variety of cooking needs.